Land Mammals

There are some fantastic animals & birds to be found roaming, or flying wild within easy travelling distance of the Clan MacDuff Hotel. Here are a few of our favourites and when they can be seen.

Red Deer

Winter, Spring & Autumn

Red Deer are the largest land mammals in Scotland, mostly living on high, open moorland. Males are easily identified by their impressive antlers. The mating season, known as the rut, begins mid-September and continues to late October. Red Deer now have no natural predators other than man.

Red Squirrels

Spring & Autumn

The Red Squirrel is the UK’s only native species of squirrel, and Scotland boasts over 80% of the UK’s population. As well as their native Scots pine and oak woodland areas, they have also adapted well to living in commercial forestry plantations.

Wild Goats

All year round

Feral goats are a fairly common site in the Scottish Highlands. The goats are descendants of livestock abandoned, through necessity, by Highlanders during the Highland Clearances. The goats act as a reminder of the regions turbulent past. Mating takes place in autumn and kids are born around January. Sightings are often common at the roadside in Highland regions.


All year round

Sleek and secretive, the otter is a mammal that you will need luck and good judgement to see well. Much of the Scottish coast is excellent for otters, plus many inland waters as well. Be patient, travel in hope and your luck could hold for a sighting of this marvellous creature. Some areas have more watchable otters than others. The Kylerhea Otter Haven on Skye has a hide overlooking an ottery coast.

Pine Martens

All year round

Gorgeous in it’s yellow-buff fur, and nimble as a squirrel when it moves the Pine Marten is an excellent tree-climbing predator. It’s becoming more widespread again in Scotland, after near-extinction, but is always scattered in small numbers and hard to see. Martens are now fully established throughout Highlands. In 1988 the species was given full legal protection.