Our Wild, Natural Land

The West Highlands of Scotland are the ideal place to be out enjoying nature, spotting wildlife on the backdrop os ome of the worlds mose dramatic and beautiful scenery. Our lochs and glens are framed by miles of unspoilt coastlines looking out onto the Atlantic Ocean and Hebridean Islands. There are some fantastic animals & birds to be found roaming or flying wild within easy travelling distance of the Clan Macduff Hotel. Here are a few of our favourites and when they can be seen.

Land Mammals

  • Red Deer: Winter, Spring & Autumn
  • Red Squirrels: Spring & Autumn
  • Wild Goats: All year round
  • Otters: All year round
  • Pine Martens: All year round


  • Eagles & Sea Eagles: All year round
  • Ospreys: Spring & Summer
  • Arctic Terns: Spring & Summer
  • Gannets: Spring & Summer
  • Puffins: Spring & Summer


  • Basking Sharks: Summer
  • Common & Grey Seals: All year round
  • Dolphins & Porpoise: Spring & Summer